My First Time — Smoking Brisket that is: The Verdict

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Beef Brisket just before it came off the smoker

Well, it took some research and common sense and the verdict is guilty of moist, tender brisket.  The brisket was tender yet sliceable which is what I was looking for.  About the only change I would make next time is to trim the fat cap.  There was quite a bit of fat left after smoking which means it was not all melting and basting the brisket.  I think those who advocate trimming all but a 1/4 inch are probably on to something.  Besides, when I trimmed the remaining fat, I took off a layer of dry rub.

The Minion method (see previous post) worked great.  I needed to follow the method a little closer and close down the bottom vents to 25% when the temp got to 200, but I was able to easily maintain a 225-250 temp throughout 5 1/2 hours and there was plenty of fuel left for further cooking, if necessary.

To be fair, the brisket failed the grand-kitty test.  The kittens turned up their noises at it until I trimmed off both the bark and the smoke ring.  They sat there looking at me with a look that said, you can’t be seriously eating it that way.  Oh well, more for me.


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