Homemade Yogurt Cheese

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Chef John from Food Wishes recently vlogged a homemade cream cheese recipe using the Labneh method. It’s actually yogurt cheese. It takes three days to make and costs more than regular cream cheese (can’t beat that combination: takes more time and money), but the results are well worth it. I used a non-fat Greek yogurt (Fage Total 0%) which was an excellent choice and worked great. High in protein, no fat, lower sugar and carbohydrates: Wow, this cheese is actually good for you!

Greek yogurt already has much of the whey removed. Hanging for 24 hours really did not extract much more. I did find that I needed to put a shallow bowl under the mold. Pressing did extract additional whey which had no where to go but over the side.

I added Chives and Green Onions to the mixture before molding and used more salt than Chef John. I served mine with some hot fish pepper jelly I made a few weeks ago on some bruschetta toasts. The tanginess of the cheese, the bite of the onions and chives, the sweetness and heat of the jelly and the crunchiness of the toast was a fantastic combination.

I highly recommend this recipe. Experiment with the yogurt and with any additives. The process is long, but the results can be fun and delicious. There is still time to plan some for that holiday party to impress your friends, relatives and/or co-workers and let them know, as Chef John said, you really are better than them.


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