My First Time — Smoking Brisket that is: Cornbread

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When I think BBQ, I think cornbread on the side and it’s one of the better-half’s favorites.  So while the brisket was smoking, I headed into the kitchen to whip up some corn batter.

A local restaurant does a cornbread with corn kernels in it and it adds texture and moisture.  I know some recipes call for cream corn, but that just seems wrong when local corn is fresh.  Since I already had the smoker going, I put an ear of corn on the bottom rack of the smoker for 20-25 minutes.  The smokiness of the corn should help tie the flavors of the meal together.  I also added a finely chopped jalapeno to the batter for some added spiciness.

Brisket, cornbread, Texas Ranchero beans and grilled corn for dinner.